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Region Name   Number of Studies
World   224,084  
Europe   63,200  
Albania   22  
Austria   3,890  
Belgium   6,775  
Bosnia and Herzegovina   133  
Bulgaria   1,384  
Croatia   746  
Czech Republic   3,215  
Denmark   5,666  
Estonia   717  
Finland   2,332  
France   15,609  
Germany   14,728  
Greece   2,005  
Hungary   2,914  
Iceland   115  
Ireland   1,177  
Italy   8,979  
Latvia   664  
Lithuania   719  
Luxembourg   86  
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of   105  
Montenegro   15  
Netherlands   6,962  
Norway   2,878  
Poland   4,636  
Portugal   1,366  
Romania   1,913  
Serbia   778  
Slovakia   1,337  
Slovenia   472  
Spain   8,641  
Sweden   4,474  
Switzerland   4,657  
United Kingdom   12,353  

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