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Region Name   Number of Studies
World   [map]   187040  
Africa 4398  
Algeria 63   [studies]
Angola 3   [studies]
Benin 29   [studies]
Botswana 45   [studies]
Burkina Faso 97   [studies]
Burundi 7   [studies]
Cameroon 43   [studies]
Central African Republic 5   [studies]
Chad 4   [studies]
Congo 35   [studies]
Congo, The Democratic Republic of the 17   [studies]
Côte D'Ivoire 24   [studies]
Djibouti 1   [studies]
Egypt 799   [studies]
Ethiopia 65   [studies]
Gabon 33   [studies]
Gambia 43   [studies]
Ghana 103   [studies]
Guinea 9   [studies]
Guinea-Bissau 39   [studies]
Kenya 273   [studies]
Lesotho 6   [studies]
Liberia 8   [studies]
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 5   [studies]
Madagascar 9   [studies]
Malawi 129   [studies]
Mali 89   [studies]
Mauritania 1   [studies]
Morocco 75   [studies]
Mozambique 48   [studies]
Niger 17   [studies]
Nigeria 74   [studies]
Rwanda 51   [studies]
Senegal 50   [studies]
Sierra Leone 9   [studies]
South Africa 1988   [studies]
Sudan 19   [studies]
Swaziland 6   [studies]
Tanzania 203   [studies]
Togo 4   [studies]
Tunisia 165   [studies]
Uganda 296   [studies]
Zambia 116   [studies]
Zimbabwe 67   [studies]

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