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1 Completed Evaluating Vitamin D Content in Mushrooms
Condition: Vitamin D Deficiency
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Mushroom Vitamin D2;   Dietary Supplement: Cholecalciferol;   Dietary Supplement: Vitamin D2 - Ergocalciferol;   Dietary Supplement: Mushroom Extract
2 Completed Bioavailability and Biological Effects of Vitamin D2 Contained in Mushroom
Conditions: Vitamin D Deficiency;   Metabolic Syndrome;   Prediabetes
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Mushroom with 600 IU vitamin D2;   Dietary Supplement: Mushroom with 4000 IU Vitamin D2;   Dietary Supplement: 600 IU Vitamin D3 and untreated mushroom;   Dietary Supplement: 4000 IU Vitamin D3 and untreated mushroom;   Drug: Placebo
3 Completed
Has Results
Immune Benefits From Mushroom Consumption
Condition: Healthy Humans
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: 3 ounces of mushrooms;   Dietary Supplement: 6 ounces of mushrooms
4 Completed Substituting Mushrooms for Meat to Control Body Weight
Condition: Obesity
Intervention: Behavioral: Weight-loss and weight-maintenance diets
5 Completed Effect of Consumption of Post-harvest UV-B Treated Mushrooms on Vitamin D Status of Healthy Adults
Condition: Vitamin D Deficiency
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: 1,000 IU vitamin D2;   Dietary Supplement: placebo capsule;   Other: mushrooms;   Other: UVB-treated mushrooms, 400 IU vitamin D2;   Other: UVB-treated mushrooms, 1,000 IU vitamin D2
6 Completed Vitamin D2, Muscle Damage, NASCAR Pitcrew
Conditions: Muscle Function;   Muscle Soreness;   Vitamin D Status
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Vitamin D2 mushroom powder;   Other: Placebo
7 Completed White Button Mushroom Extract in Preventing the Recurrence of Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Survivors
Conditions: Breast Cancer;   Cancer Survivor
Interventions: Drug: white button mushroom extract;   Other: flow cytometry;   Other: high performance liquid chromatography;   Other: laboratory biomarker analysis;   Other: mass spectrometry;   Other: pharmacogenomic studies;   Other: pharmacological study
8 Completed Dietary Compensation With Substitution of Meat Products With White Button Mushrooms.
Condition: Obesity
Intervention: Dietary Supplement: dietary substitution to assess level of caloric compensation
9 Completed Antihyperlipidemic Effects of Oyster Mushrooms
Conditions: HIV Infections;   Hyperlipidemia
Intervention: Drug: oyster mushroom
10 Completed Mushroom Blend on Oxygen Kinetics
Conditions: Oxygen Utilization;   Oxygen Kinetics
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Mushroom Blend;   Dietary Supplement: Placebo
11 Completed Does Maitake Mushroom Extract Enhance Hematopoiesis in Myelodysplastic Patients?
Condition: Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Intervention: Drug: Maitake
12 Unknown  Efficacy and Safety of Cauliflower Mushroom Extract on Promotion of Immunity
Condition: Immunity
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Cauliflower Mushroom extract;   Dietary Supplement: Placebo
13 Active, not recruiting White Button Mushroom Extract in Treating Patients With Recurrent Prostate Cancer After Local Therapy
Condition: Prostate Cancer
Interventions: Drug: white button mushroom extract;   Other: flow cytometry;   Other: immunologic technique;   Other: laboratory biomarker analysis;   Other: gas chromatography-mass spectrometry;   Other: pharmacological study
14 Unknown  Effect of Andosan in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis
Condition: Rheumatoid Arthritis
Intervention: Dietary Supplement: Mushroom extract
15 Recruiting Intravenous Milk Thistle (Silibinin-Legalon) for Hepatic Failure Induced by Amatoxin/Amanita Mushroom Poisoning
Conditions: Amatoxin Poisoning;   Amanita Poisoning;   Mushroom Poisoning;   Liver Failure
Intervention: Drug: Legalon SIL (Silibinin)
16 Completed Effect of Agaricus Blazei (Murrill) ss. Heinemann (Sun Mushroom)
Conditions: Hepatitis C;   Nutritional Status;   Hepatitis, Viral, Human
Intervention: Dietary Supplement: Agaricus blazei (Murrill) ss. Heinemann (sun mushroom)
17 Unknown  Aqueous Mushroom Extract and Intraocular Pressure
Condition: Glaucoma
Intervention: Drug: OME
18 Recruiting Efficacy Study of Clinical Nutrition to Treat Lung Neoplasms And Breast Carcinoma
Conditions: Lung Neoplasms;   Breast Neoplasms
Interventions: Drug: GLSE compound;   Drug: Maitake mushroom extract compound;   Drug: Ginseng compound
19 Not yet recruiting Immediate or Delayed Naturopathic Medicine in Combination With Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
Condition: Quality of Life
Interventions: Biological: Reishi mushroom extract;   Drug: Coenzyme Q10;   Drug: Melatonin
20 Unknown  Anti-inflammatory Effect of Agaricus Blazei Murill in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
Conditions: Ulcerative Colitis;   Crohn's Disease;   Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: AndoSan;   Dietary Supplement: Sugar Extract

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