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1 Recruiting Interleukin-2 in Metastatic Melanoma
Condition: Melanoma Metastatic
Intervention: Drug: Interleukin-2
2 Recruiting Study Comparing TIL to Standard Ipilimumab in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma
Condition: Metastatic Melanoma
Interventions: Procedure: Translational research;   Drug: Cyclophosphamide;   Drug: Fludarabine;   Drug: Interleukin-2;   Drug: Ipilimumab infusion
3 Recruiting HD IL-2 + Ipilimumab in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma
Condition: Metastatic Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: High Dose Interleukin-2;   Drug: Ipilimumab
4 Not yet recruiting Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes And Low-Dose Interleukin-2 Therapy Following Cyclophosphamide And Fludarabine In Patients With Melanoma
Condition: Metastatic, Stage III or Stage IV, Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Cyclophosphamide;   Drug: Fludarabine;   Biological: Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes;   Biological: Low-Dose Interleukin
5 Unknown  A Phase II Study to Evaluate Safety and Efficacy of Combined Treatment With Ipilimumab and Intratumoral Interleukin-2 in Pretreated Patients With Stage IV Melanoma
Condition: Malignant Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Interleukin-2;   Drug: Ipilimumab
6 Recruiting Aldesleukin Imaging in Viewing Tumor Growth in Patients With Stage IV Melanoma Receiving Ipilimumab or Pembrolizumab Therapy
Conditions: Recurrent Melanoma;   Stage IV Melanoma
Interventions: Procedure: scintigraphy;   Biological: technetium Tc 99 hydrazinonicotinamide-tricine-linked interleukin-2;   Other: laboratory biomarker analysis
7 Recruiting IPI Biochemotherapy for Chemonaive Patients With Metastatic Melanoma
Condition: Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Ipilimumab;   Drug: Temozolomide;   Drug: Cisplatin;   Drug: Interferon Alfa-2b;   Drug: Interleukin-2
8 Recruiting T Cell Transfer With or Without Dendritic Cell Vaccination in Patients With Melanoma
Condition: Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Cyclophosphamide;   Drug: Fludarabine;   Biological: T cells;   Biological: Interleukin-2;   Biological: Dendritic cell vaccine
9 Recruiting Comparison of High-dose IL-2 and High-dose IL-2 With Radiation Therapy in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma.
Condition: Metastatic Melanoma
Interventions: Other: Radiation therapy and high-dose IL-2;   Drug: High-dose IL-2
10 Recruiting Systemic Therapy With Interferon, Interleukin-2 and BRAF Inhibitor
Condition: Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Vemurafenib;   Drug: IL-2;   Drug: Interferon Alpha-2b
11 Recruiting Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) Transduced With TGFbDNRII
Condition: Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Cyclophosphamide;   Drug: Mesna;   Drug: Fludarabine monophosphate;   Biological: T-Cells;   Drug: Interleukin-2 (IL-2);   Behavioral: Questionnaires
12 Recruiting Adjuvant, Combined Interleukin 2 (Proleukin) and DTIC (Dacarbazine) in High-risk Melanoma Patients
Condition: Metastatic Melanoma
Intervention: Drug: Proleukin and Dacarbazine
13 Not yet recruiting TIL Therapy in Metastatic Melanoma and IL2 Dose Assessment
Condition: Metastatic Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Cyclophosphamide;   Drug: Fludarabine;   Genetic: Tumour Infiltrating Lymphocytes;   Drug: Interleukin-2
14 Recruiting Vemurafenib and TIL Therapy for Metastatic Melanoma
Condition: Metastatic Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Vemurafenib;   Drug: Lymphodepleting chemotherapy;   Drug: TIL infusion;   Drug: Interleukin-2
15 Recruiting T-Cells Transduced With Either CXCR2 or Nerve Growth Factor Receptor (NGFR)
Condition: Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Cytoxan;   Drug: Mesna;   Drug: Fludarabine monophosphate;   Procedure: T cell Infusion;   Drug: IL-2;   Other: Questionnaire
16 Recruiting Lymphodepletion Plus Adoptive Cell Transfer With or Without Dendritic Cell Immunization
Condition: Melanoma
Interventions: Biological: Dendritic Cell Immunization;   Drug: Cyclophosphamide;   Drug: Fludarabine;   Biological: T Cells;   Biological: Interleukin-2;   Drug: Mesna
17 Recruiting Cellular Adoptive Immunotherapy Using Autologous CD8+ Antigen-Specific T Cells and Anti-CTLA4
Condition: Melanoma
Interventions: Drug: Cyclophosphamide;   Procedure: CD8+ T Cells;   Drug: Interleukin-2;   Drug: Ipilimumab
18 Recruiting Low-dose Cyclophosphamide and Outpatient IV Interleukin-2 in Metastatic Melanoma
Condition: Metastatic Melanoma
Intervention: Drug: Cyclophosphamide and Interleukin 2
19 Recruiting Fosaprepitant for Nausea and Vomiting During High-dose Interleukin-2 (HD IL-2) for Metastatic Melanoma and Renal Cell Carcinoma
Condition: Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting
Intervention: Drug: Fosaprepitant
20 Not yet recruiting High-Dose Aldesleukin and Ipilimumab in Treating Patients With Stage III-IV Melanoma That Cannot Be Removed By Surgery
Conditions: Recurrent Melanoma;   Stage IIIA Melanoma;   Stage IIIB Melanoma;   Stage IIIC Melanoma;   Stage IV Melanoma
Interventions: Biological: aldesleukin;   Biological: ipilimumab;   Other: laboratory biomarker analysis

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