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81 Completed Safety of and Immune Response to DEN4 Vaccine Component Candidate for Dengue Virus
Conditions: Dengue Shock Syndrome;   Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Interventions: Biological: DEN4 Vaccine Candidate;   Biological: DEN4 Vaccine Placebo
82 Unknown  Prospective Study of Infant Dengue
Condition: Dengue
83 Completed Safety and Immunogenicity of Three Formulations of Takeda's Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine Candidate (TDV)
Condition: Dengue Fever
Interventions: Drug: Study Drug 1;   Drug: TDV Study Drug 2;   Drug: Study Drug 3;   Drug: TDV Placebo
84 Active, not recruiting A Two-dose Primary Vaccination Study of a Tetravalent Dengue Virus Purified Inactivated Vaccine vs. Placebo in Healthy Adults
Condition: Dengue Fever
Interventions: Biological: 4 µg TDENV-PIV with Alum adjuvant;   Biological: 1 µg TDENV-PIV with AS03B1 adjuvant;   Other: Phosphate buffered saline;   Biological: 1 µg TDENV-PIV with Alum adjuvant;   Biological: 1 µg TDENV-PIV with AS01E1 adjuvant
85 Unknown  Effect of Hypertonic Sodium Lactate on sVCAM-1 Level as Surrogate Marker of Endothelial Capillary Leakage in Pediatric Dengue Shock Syndrome Patients (DSS)
Condition: Dengue Shock Syndrome
Interventions: Drug: Hypertonic sodium lactate;   Drug: Ringer's lactate
86 Not yet recruiting Celgosivir or Modipafant as Treatment for Adult Participants With Uncomplicated Dengue Fever in Singapore
Condition: Dengue Fever
Interventions: Drug: Celgosivir;   Drug: Modipafant 50mg;   Drug: Placebo;   Drug: Modipafant 100mg
87 Withdrawn Ability of Bedside Ultrasound to Predict Progression of Severity of Disease in Dengue Fever
Conditions: Dengue;   Disease Progression
Intervention: Other: diagnostic bedside ultrasound
88 Completed Clinical Specimens Testing Program of Dengue Antigen Detection Reagents
Condition: Dengue Fever
89 Active, not recruiting Factors Associated With Poor Dengue Outcomes in Malaysia
Condition: Dengue Fever
90 Unknown  Investigation of the Immuno-regulation and Viral Hepatitis Among Patients With or After Dengue Fever Infection
Condition: Dengue Fever
Intervention: Genetic: CLEC5A
91 Active, not recruiting Evaluation of the Safety and Efficacy of a Single Dose of a Dengue Vaccine (TV005) in Healthy Adults
Condition: Dengue
Interventions: Biological: TV005;   Biological: Placebo;   Biological: rDEN2∆30-7169
92 Completed Role of Andi-d in Dengue Fever: a Pilot Study
Condition: Dengue Fever
Intervention: Drug: anti-d
93 Recruiting Efficacy and Safety of Ivermectin Against Dengue Infection
Condition: Dengue Fever
Interventions: Drug: 2 days Ivermectin;   Drug: 3 days Ivermectin;   Drug: Placebo
94 Recruiting Evaluating the Clinical and Immune Response to Two Dengue Virus Vaccines in Healthy Adults
Condition: Dengue
Interventions: Biological: rDEN1Δ30;   Biological: Placebo;   Biological: rDEN2Δ30-7169
95 Completed The Clinical Epidemiology of Hospitalized Dengue Cases in Malaysia
Condition: Dengue Fever
96 Completed Evaluating the Safety and Immune Response to a Dengue Virus Vaccine in Healthy Adults
Condition: Dengue
Interventions: Biological: rDEN2Δ30-7169 vaccine;   Biological: Placebo
97 Completed Safety and Immune Response to Two Doses of rDEN2/4delta30 Dengue Vaccine
Condition: Dengue Fever
Interventions: Biological: rDEN2/4delta30(ME) vaccine;   Biological: Placebo
98 Completed Safety of and Immune Response to a Dengue Virus Vaccine (rDEN3-3'Ddelta30) in Healthy Adults
Condition: Dengue
Intervention: Biological: rDEN3-3'D4delta30
99 Completed Evaluating the Safety and Immune Response to Two Admixtures of a Tetravalent Dengue Virus Vaccine
Condition: Dengue
Interventions: Biological: TetraVax-DV Vaccine - Admixture TV003;   Biological: TetraVax-DV Vaccine - Admixture TV005;   Biological: Placebo
100 Completed Implementation Research of New Dengue Vector Control Tools
Condition: DENGUE
Intervention: Other: Insecticide treated curtains and insecticide treated covers

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