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Rank Status Study
1 Recruiting The Risk Factors of Bowel Preparation in Patients With Chronic Constipation
Condition: Constipation
2 Recruiting Ectoin Dermatitis Cream 7% as First-line Therapy of Acute Skin Graft Versus Host Disease
Condition: Acute Graft Versus Host Disease in Skin
3 Completed Correlation Between Umbilical Resistance Index and Fetal Growth
Condition: Correlation Between the Umbilical Resistance Index and Weight Gain During the Third Trimester of Low-risk Pregnancies
Intervention: Other: ultrasonography
4 Completed Calibration of a New Reflectance Oximeter.
Condition: Healthy Volunteer
Intervention: Device: Calibrate the oximeter ALTITRAINER200®
5 Recruiting Fluid Responsiveness After CArdiac Surgery Study
Conditions: Critically Ill;   Hypovolemia
6 Recruiting Reactive Oxygen Species Following Aortic Valve Replacement
Condition: Aortic Stenosis
7 Recruiting 3D Laparoscopy Versus 2D Laparoscopy
Conditions: Colorectal Cancer;   Inflammatory Bowel Disease
8 Recruiting Operative and Non-operative Treatment of Traumatic Arthrotomies
Condition: Traumatic Arthrotomy
9 Not yet recruiting Ischemic Pain Control With Analgesic Methods Clinical Trial
Condition: Arterial Occlusive Diseases
Interventions: Procedure: Continuous peripheral sciatic nerve block;   Drug: Fentanyl;   Drug: Ropivacaine;   Device: Perineural catheter
10 Not yet recruiting The Effect of Hydration Status on Glycemic Control and Appetite Regulation
Condition: Healthy
Interventions: Behavioral: Hypohydrated;   Behavioral: Rehydrated
11 Completed Neuroeconomic Approach of Food Nutritionnal Assesment
Condition: Healthy Volunteer
Intervention: Other: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
12 Not yet recruiting McConnell Patellar Taping in Static and Dynamic Postural Control of Women With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Condition: Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Interventions: Other: taping patellar McConnell;   Other: Placebo taping
13 Recruiting Screening of Niemann-Pick Disease, Type C in a Psychiatric Population
Condition: Psychiatric Adults Patients
Interventions: Biological: Blood sampling;   Biological: Biopsy
14 Recruiting The Effects of Virtual Reality on Upper Extremity Function in Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
Condition: Reality Testing
Intervention: Other: Virtual Reality Exercises using Hand Tutor
15 Recruiting Esmolol Infusion for Patients With Septic Shock and Persistent Tachycardia
Condition: Septic Shock
Intervention: Drug: Esmolol
16 Active, not recruiting The Effect of Goal-directed Therapy Guided by Stroke Volume Variation and Cardiac Index in Non-severe Surgical Patients
Condition: Fluid Therapy
Interventions: Device: cardiac index;   Device: Stroke Volume Variation
17 Not yet recruiting Robots to Reduce Pain During IV Placement
Conditions: Pain;   Anxiety
Interventions: Behavioral: Coping Robot;   Behavioral: Non-coping Robot
18 Completed Laser Acupuncture for Postpartum Weight Retention
Condition: Postpartum Weight Retention
Interventions: Procedure: laser acupuncture;   Procedure: sham laser acupuncture
19 Not yet recruiting Brain Blood Flow: Age and Gender
Conditions: Healthy;   Aging
Interventions: Device: MRI;   Device: TCD
20 Not yet recruiting Botulinum Toxin for Post Abdominoplasty Pain Control
Conditions: Pain;   Activity
Interventions: Drug: Dysport;   Drug: Placebo

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