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1 Completed
Has Results
A Study With TMC125 in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Type 1 Infected Patients, Who Were Treated With TMC125 Arm in a Sponsor-Selected TMC125 Study
Condition: Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1
Interventions: Drug: Etravirine (ETR);   Drug: Nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs);   Drug: Protease inhibitors (PIs);   Drug: Enfuvirtide (ENF)
2 Terminated
Has Results
Trial of Cooling for Patients With Excel Cryo Cooling System in Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH)
Condition: Intracerebral Hemorrhage
Intervention: Device: Excel Cryo Cooling System
3 Completed
Has Results
Efficacy and Safety of Olanzapine in the Extended Treatment for Manic or Mixed Episode of Bipolar I Disorder
Condition: Manic or Mixed Episode Associated With Bipolar I Disorder
Interventions: Drug: olanzapine;   Drug: lithium;   Drug: valproate;   Drug: carbamazepine
4 Completed
Has Results
Yoga and Bolus Lukewarm Saline as Rapid Colonoscopy Preparation
Condition: Colonic Neoplasms
Interventions: Drug: Normal (0.9%) saline;   Drug: HalfLytely
5 Completed
Has Results
Study of New Antibiotic Regimen for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Cellulitis in Emergency Department Patients
Condition: Cellulitis
Interventions: Drug: trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole;   Drug: Cephalexin
6 Completed
Has Results
Study of Live Attenuated ChimeriVax™-Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine
Condition: Japanese Encephalitis
Interventions: Biological: Live attenuated Japanese encephalitis virus;   Biological: ChimeriVax™ diluent (Placebo)
7 Terminated
Has Results
Randomized Study of Sorafenib Dose Escalation in Patients With Previously Untreated Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma
Condition: Renal Cell Carcinoma
Interventions: Drug: Sorafenib Escalated Dose;   Drug: Sorafenib Standard Dose
8 Completed
Has Results
Long-term Study of Alogliptin as an Add-on to Rapid-Acting Insulin Secretagogues in Type 2 Diabetes
Condition: Diabetes Mellitus
Interventions: Drug: Alogliptin;   Drug: Rapid-acting insulin secretagogue
9 Completed
Has Results
Comparing the Use of Saline or Saline Plus Gentamycin in Nasal Irrigation to Treat Chronic Sinusitis in Children
Condition: Sinusitis
Interventions: Drug: Saline;   Drug: Gentamycin
10 Completed
Has Results
Phase IIa Clinical Study of Recombinant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Allergen ESAT6-CFP10
Condition: Tuberculosis
Interventions: Biological: 1μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and tuberculin purified protein derivative;   Biological: 5μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and tuberculin purified protein derivative;   Biological: 10μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and tuberculin purified protein derivative;   Biological: 20μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and tuberculin purified protein derivative;   Biological: 1μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and placebo;   Biological: 5μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and placebo;   Biological: 10μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and placebo;   Biological: 20μg/ml ESAT6-CFP10 and placebo
11 Completed
Has Results
Evaluation of Deposits on Contact Lenses Worn Extended Wear
Condition: Myopia
Interventions: Device: balafilcon A contact lens (PureVision);   Device: etafilcon A contact lens (Acuvue2)
12 Terminated
Has Results
Maintenance Therapy: Lenalidomide Following Bendamustine and Rituximab Induction Therapy for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Condition: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Intervention: Drug: Maintenance lenalidomide
13 Completed
Has Results
Evaluation of Safety and Tolerability of Creon Micro in Children Younger Than Four Years With Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency
Condition: Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency
Intervention: Drug: Pancreatin
14 Terminated
Has Results
An Efficacy Study of a New Formulation of Ketoconazole 2% Cream in Patients With Tinea Pedis, Commonly Known as Athlete's Foot
Condition: Tinea Pedis
Interventions: Drug: Placebo cream;   Drug: Ketoconazole 2% cream (formulation F012) (Nizoral);   Drug: Ketoconazole 2% cream (formulation F126)
15 Completed
Has Results
Ranibizumab (Lucentis) for Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
Condition: Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy
Intervention: Drug: ranibizumab 0.5 or 0.3 mg/0.05 cc
16 Completed
Has Results
The Complete® Self-Expanding Stent and Stent Delivery System Registry
Condition: Peripheral Vascular Disease
Intervention: Device: Complete SE Iliac Stent
17 Completed
Has Results
Vibration Intervention For Bone Enhancement In Childhood Cancer Survivors
Conditions: Bone Mineral Density;   Bone Strength
Interventions: Device: LMHF mechanical stimulation active device;   Device: LMHF mechanical stimulation placebo device
18 Completed
Has Results
Vasculaire Compression System Increases Flow Velocity in the Femoral Vein
Condition: Venous Thrombosis
Intervention: Device: Pneumatic Compression therapy
19 Completed
Has Results
Feasibility of a New Silicone Hydrogel Lens
Condition: Myopia
Interventions: Device: Investigational contact lens;   Device: Acuvue Oasys Contact Lens;   Device: Air Optix Aqua
20 Completed
Has Results
A Study to Assess the Effect of CellCept (Mycophenolate Mofetil) and Reduced Corticosteroids in Patients With Active Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV)
Condition: Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV)
Interventions: Drug: Mycophenolate Mofetil 2 g/Day;   Drug: Mycophenolate Mofetil (MMF) 3 g/Day;   Drug: Placebo

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