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Rank Status Study
1 Recruiting Hallux Valgus and Custom Orthotic Prescription
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Intervention: Device: Custom Made Orthotic
2 Recruiting Continuous Wound Infiltration After Hallux Valgus Surgery
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Device: InfiltraLong-Katheter 19G x 420mm, Pajunk;   Drug: NaCl 0,9%;   Drug: Ropivacaine
3 Recruiting The Effect of tDCS in the Preoperative Period of Hallux Valgus Surgical Treatment
Conditions: Chronic Pain;   Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Device: Active tDCS;   Device: Sham tDCS
4 Recruiting Mold Making Silicone Toe Separator on Hallux Valgus
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Device: Mold making silicone toe separator;   Other: Observation
5 Recruiting Prospective Trial of Minimally Invasive Surgery Versus Standard Surgery for Correction of Hallux Valgus
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Procedure: conventional surgical technique - Chevron-type distal metatarsal osteotomy;   Procedure: minimally invasive surgical technique
6 Recruiting Pilot Study of CyclaPlex Implant, an Enhanced Suture and Button Implant Device in Hallux Valgus Deformity
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Intervention: Device: Cyclaplex bone anchor
7 Recruiting Ultrasound Guided Single Shot Block of Posterior Tibial Nerve for Postoperative Pain Relief After Hallux Valgus Surgery
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Drug: Ropivacaine 0,75%;   Procedure: posterior tibial nerve block;   Drug: morphine and droperidol
8 Recruiting The Effect of Foot Orthoses on the Braking Response Time
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Device: Hallux valgus Shoe;   Device: Forefoot relief shoe;   Device: Retail Shoe
9 Recruiting Continuous Versus Automated Bolus Infusion in Sciatic Nerve Catheters
Conditions: Hallux Valgus;   Surgery
Interventions: Drug: continuous infusion of levobupivacaine;   Drug: Intermittent bolus infusion of levobupivacaine
10 Recruiting Lidocaine Versus Bupivacaine Block in Ambulatory Continuous With Elastomeric Pump
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Drug: Active Comparator:   Lidocaine;   Drug: Placebo Comparator:   Bupivacaine;   Device: Baxter Infusor elastomeric pump
11 Recruiting Magnesium as Adjuvant for Sciatic Block
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Interventions: Drug: Magnesium Sulfate;   Drug: Ropivacaine
12 Recruiting Continuous Tibial Nerve Block Versus Single Shot Tibial Nerve Block
Condition: Hallux Valgus
Intervention: Drug: Ropivacaine
13 Recruiting Measurement of Arch Motion After Bunion Surgery
Conditions: Hallux Valgus;   Instability of the Foot Arch.
14 Not yet recruiting Comparison of Two Techniques of Sciatic Nerve Block With Levobupivacaine 0.5% in Orthopedic Surgery
Condition: Anesthesia
Interventions: Procedure: Sciatic nerve anesthesia blockade at bifurcation.;   Procedure: Sciatic nerve blockade 2 cm beyond the bifurcation;   Drug: Levobupivacaine 0.5%: 20 ml;   Device: Portable Ultrasound Machine: Sonosite, M-Turbo, Bothell, WA;   Device: Insulated Needle, (Stimuplex; Braun, Melsungen, Germany);   Drug: supplemental oxygen;   Drug: Midazolam;   Drug: Intravenous analgesics;   Procedure: Saphenous nerve block
15 Recruiting TMT Fusion Plate vs. Two Crossed Screws
Condition: Clinical Indication for First Metatarsal Joint Arthrodesis
Interventions: Procedure: TMT Fusion plate;   Procedure: Two crossed screws

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