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1 Recruiting Seroprevalence of Hepatitis E in People With an Organ Transplant
Condition: Hepatitis E
2 Active, not recruiting Clinical Trial of Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine
Condition: Hepatitis E
Interventions: Biological: hepatitis E vaccine;   Biological: Hepatitis B vaccine
3 Unknown  Phase Ⅳ Clinical Trial of Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine(Hecolin®)
Condition: Hepatitis E
Intervention: Biological: Recombinant (E. Coli) Hepatitis E Vaccine
4 Completed A Phase Ⅳ Clinical Trial of the Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine (Escherichia Coli)
Condition: Hepatitis E
Intervention: Biological: Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine (Escherichia Coli)
5 Recruiting A Clinical Trial to Evaluate a Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine in Healthy Adults
Condition: Hepatitis E
Interventions: Biological: 30μg/0.5ml Hepatitis E vaccine;   Biological: 30μg/0.5ml Recombinant Hepatitis E vaccine
6 Not yet recruiting Effectiveness Trial to Evaluate Protection of Pregnant Women by Hepatitis E Vaccine in Bangladesh.
Condition: Hepatitis E Infection
Interventions: Drug: Hecolin;   Drug: Hepa-B
7 Recruiting Ribavirin for Severe Acute and Chronic Hepatitis E Virus Infection.
Condition: Hepatitis E
Intervention: Drug: Ribavirin
8 Recruiting A Phase Ⅳ Clinical Trial of the Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine (Escherichia Coli)(Coadministration With Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine)
Conditions: Hepatitis E;   Hepatitis B
Interventions: Biological: HEV vaccine;   Biological: HBV vaccine
9 Recruiting A Trial of Ribavirin in Patients With ACLF Due to Hepatitis E Virus
Conditions: Acute on Chronic Hepatic Failure;   Liver Failure;   Hepatitis E Infection
Interventions: Drug: Ribavirin;   Drug: Placebo
10 Enrolling by invitation The Epidemiology of Hepatitis E Virus Infection in Israel and Potential Risk Factors
Condition: Chronic Hepatitis E
Intervention: Behavioral: questionnaires
11 Completed Host Responses in Kidney-transplant Recipients With Chronic Hepatitis E Virus Infection
Condition: Kidney-transplant Recipients With Chronic Hepatitis E Virus Infection
Intervention: Other: blood samples
12 Active, not recruiting Epidemiological Study of Hepatitis E Virus in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
Condition: Hepatitis E Virus Infection
13 Recruiting Hepatitis E Virus Infection in Pediatric Transplantation, a Prevalence Study
Condition: Transplantation
Intervention: Biological: Hepatitis E serology
14 Completed Role of Cytokines in Hepatitis E Virus Infection During Pregnancy
Conditions: Hepatitis;   Cytokines;   Pregnancy
15 Completed A Safety and Efficacy Study of the Hepatitis E Vaccine in Nepal.
Condition: Hepatitis
Intervention: Biological: Hepatitis E vaccine, recombinant (Sar 56 kDa)
16 Terminated Randomized Placebo-controlled Trial Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Silymarin Treatment in Patients With Acute Viral Hepatitis
Conditions: Acute Hepatitis A;   Acute Hepatitis B;   Acute Hepatitis C;   Acute Hepatitis E;   Acute EBV Hepatitis;   Acute CMV Hepatitis
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Silymarin;   Other: Lactose monohydrate
17 Active, not recruiting Efficacy and Immunogenicity Study of Recombinant Human Papillomavirus Bivalent(Type 16/18 )Vaccine
Conditions: Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia;   Cervical Cancer;   Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia;   Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia;   Persistent Infection
Interventions: Biological: HPV Vaccine;   Biological: HEV vaccine
18 Completed Study of the Immunogenicity and Efficacy of HBsAg Vaccine in Combination With Standard Antiviral Therapy With HB110E
Condition: Chronic Hepatitis B
Intervention: Drug: HBsAg vaccine with Entecavir
19 Active, not recruiting Field Trial of Maternal Influenza Immunization in Asia
Condition: Influenza Human
Interventions: Biological: influenza vaccine;   Biological: saline placebo

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