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Region Name   Number of Studies
World   [map]   268,731  
North America 121,442  
United States 109,585   [studies]
Alabama 8,081   [studies]
Alaska 575   [studies]
Arizona 9,463   [studies]
Arkansas 4,357   [studies]
California 29,101   [studies]
Colorado 9,757   [studies]
Connecticut 7,016   [studies]
Delaware 1,697   [studies]
District of Columbia 4,761   [studies]
Florida 19,467   [studies]
Georgia 11,502   [studies]
Hawaii 1,691   [studies]
Idaho 2,286   [studies]
Illinois 14,980   [studies]
Indiana 8,463   [studies]
Iowa 4,323   [studies]
Kansas 5,753   [studies]
Kentucky 6,201   [studies]
Louisiana 6,206   [studies]
Maine 1,655   [studies]
Maryland 15,878   [studies]
Massachusetts 16,118   [studies]
Michigan 11,899   [studies]
Minnesota 10,235   [studies]
Mississippi 2,691   [studies]
Missouri 11,452   [studies]
Montana 1,954   [studies]
Nebraska 4,927   [studies]
Nevada 3,867   [studies]
New Hampshire 2,147   [studies]
New Jersey 9,465   [studies]
New Mexico 3,000   [studies]
New York 23,743   [studies]
North Carolina 15,763   [studies]
North Dakota 1,786   [studies]
Ohio 16,904   [studies]
Oklahoma 5,373   [studies]
Oregon 7,157   [studies]
Pennsylvania 18,580   [studies]
Rhode Island 3,308   [studies]
South Carolina 7,879   [studies]
South Dakota 1,728   [studies]
Tennessee 11,288   [studies]
Texas 23,560   [studies]
Utah 6,184   [studies]
Vermont 1,746   [studies]
Virginia 9,315   [studies]
Washington 10,582   [studies]
West Virginia 1,809   [studies]
Wisconsin 6,706   [studies]
Wyoming 406   [studies]

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