21 studies found for:    neoplasms [CONDITION] AND (complementary alternative medicine) [ALL-FIELDS] | Open Studies
Found 21 studies with search of:   neoplasms [CONDITION] AND (complementary alternative medicine) [ALL-FIELDS] | Open Studies
Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
neoplasms:   38359 studies
Cancer:   24065 studies
Tumor:   8568 studies
Malignancy:   1079 studies
Neoplasia:   322 studies
neoplastic disease:   6 studies
neoplastic syndrome:   341 studies
oncologic disorders:   12 studies
complementary alternative medicine:   10 studies
alternative medicine:   424 studies
Alternative Therapy
complementary alternative:   15 studies
medicine:   122332 studies
Pharmaceutic Preparations
Pharmaceutical Preparations
Pharmaceutical Products
medical sciences
medicinal products
alternative:   3893 studies