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19 Studies found for: hemolytic anemia OR G6PD OR paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria OR thalassemias | Recruiting, Not yet recruiting, Available Studies | NIH, U.S. Fed
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hemolytic anemia 2 studies 78 studies
Haemolytic anaemia -- 6 studies
Increased hemolysis -- 2 studies
anemia 17 studies 3,506 studies
hemolytic 16 studies 1,118 studies
Hemolysis 1 studies 256 studies
Haemolytic -- 17 studies
G6PD 1 studies 77 studies
Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase 1 studies 31 studies
Glucosephosphate Dehydrogenase -- 13 studies
paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria 4 studies 66 studies
Paroxysmal Hemoglobinuria -- 5 studies
PIGA Gene -- 1 studies
hemoglobinuria 4 studies 100 studies
nocturnal 5 studies 3,661 studies
Night -- 2,611 studies
Night time -- 735 studies
nocte -- 14 studies
paroxysmal 4 studies 515 studies
thalassemias 11 studies 327 studies

-- No studies found
* Number of studies in the search results containing the term or synonym
** Number of studies in the entire database containing the term or synonym

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A Anemia
B beta-Thalassemia
peripheral blood
bone marrow
C Cell
Sickle Cell
Sickle Cell Disease
stem cell
H Hemolytic
M marrow
bone marrow
P peripheral blood
S Sickle Cell
Sickle Cell Disease
stem cell
T Thalassemia