154 studies found for:    colorectal cancer AND (women OR woman OR female)
Found 154 studies with search of:   colorectal cancer AND (women OR woman OR female)
Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
colorectal cancer:   2854 studies
cancer of large bowel
cancer of large intestine
cancer of the large bowel
cancer of the large intestine
carcinoma colorectal
carcinoma of large bowel
carcinoma of large intestine
carcinoma of the large bowel
carcinoma of the large intestine
colon rectal cancer
colorectal carcinoma
colorectal neoplasm
colorectal tumor
crc pathway
large bowel cancer
large bowel carcinoma
large bowel neoplasm
large bowel tumor
large intestinal neoplasm
large intestine cancer
large intestine carcinoma
large intestine neoplasm
large intestine tumor
neoplasm of large bowel
neoplasm of large colon
neoplasm of large intestine
neoplasm of the large bowel
tumor of large bowel
tumor of large intestine
tumor of the large bowel
cancer:   46771 studies
neoplastic disease
neoplastic growth
neoplastic syndrome
new growth nos
colorectal:   3296 studies
colon or rectum
colon rectal
colon rectum
rectum and colon
rectum colon
women:   15269 studies
female:   7558 studies