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Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
colon cancer:   1496 studies
Cancer of Large Bowel
Cancer of Large Intestine
Cancer of colon
Carcinoma of the Colon
Colonic Carcinoma
Colonic cancer
Colorectal neoplasms malignant
Large Bowel Cancer
Large Intestine Cancer
Malignant Colon Tumor
Malignant Colonic Neoplasm
Malignant Colonic Tumor
Malignant Colorectal Neoplasm
Malignant Colorectal Tumor
Malignant Large Bowel Neoplasm
Malignant Large Bowel Tumor
Malignant Large Intestine Neoplasm
Malignant Large Intestine Tumor
Malignant Neoplasm of Large Bowel
Malignant Neoplasm of the Colon
Malignant Tumor of Large Bowel
Malignant Tumor of the Colon
Malignant large intestinal neoplasm NOS
Malignant neoplasm of colon
Malignant neoplasm of large intestine
Malignant tumor of colon
Malignant tumor of large intestine
bowel carcinoma large
ca colon
cancer colonic
cancer colons
cancer intestine large
cancer of large colon
cancer of the colon
carcinoma colon
carcinoma intestine large
colon ca
colon carcinoma
malignant colon neoplasm
cancer:   58024 studies
Malignant Growth
Neoplastic Disease
Oncological abnormality
neoplastic growth
neoplastic syndrome
new growth NOS
colon:   5786 studies
bissy nut
sterculia nitida