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2174 Studies found for:
Alzheimer's Disease

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Terms Search Results* Entire Database**
Alzheimer's Disease 2,169 studies 2,170 studies
dats 108 studies 109 studies
Alzheimer dementia 68 studies 68 studies
Dementia of the Alzheimer's type 54 studies 54 studies
Dementia of Alzheimers Type 30 studies 30 studies
Alzheimer Type Dementia 19 studies 19 studies
Senile Dementia 13 studies 13 studies
dementia alzheimers 8 studies 8 studies
Disease 2,162 studies 204,855 studies
Disorders 2,029 studies 71,951 studies
condition 172 studies 23,095 studies
Alzheimer's 2,073 studies 2,168 studies

-- No studies found
* Number of studies in the search results containing the term or synonym
** Number of studies in the entire database containing the term or synonym