115 studies found for:    "hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets" OR "Rickets"
Found 115 studies with search of:   "hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets" OR "Rickets"
Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
hereditary hypophosphatemic rickets:   20 studies
Calcitriol receptor defect
Familial hypophosphatemia
Hypophosphataemic rickets
Hypophosphatemic Ricket
Hypophosphatemic rickets
Rickets familial hypophosphataemic
Rickets familial hypophosphatemic
Type 2 vitamin D-dependent rickets
Vitamin D Resistant Rickets
Vitamin D-dependent rickets type II
X-linked hypophosphatemia
hypophosphatemia rickets
Rickets:   115 studies
Hypovitaminosis D
Infantile osteomalacia
Vitamin D deficiency disease