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1 Completed A Prebiotic Agave Derivated Metlin & Metlos in Infant Formula
Condition: Healthy Term Babies
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: Infant Formula;   Dietary Supplement: Exclusively breast milk;   Dietary Supplement: Metlin+metlos+Lactobacillus GG;   Dietary Supplement: Metlin + Lactobacillus GG;   Dietary Supplement: Metlos + lactobacillus GG;   Dietary Supplement: Lactobacillus GG
Sponsor/Collaborators: National Institute of Pediatrics, Mexico;   Nekutli S.A. de C.V.
Funder Type: Other
2 Recruiting Tolerance of an Extensively Hydrolyzed Protein Infant Formula Versus a Premature Infant Formula
Condition: Feeding Intolerance
Interventions: Other: Marketed cow milk-based premature infant formula;   Other: Marketed extensively hydrolyzed casein infant formula
Sponsor: Mead Johnson Nutrition
Funder Type: Industry
3 Terminated Growth and Tolerance of Healthy Term Infants to a New Infant Formula
Condition: Healthy Term Infants
Interventions: Other: Milk based infant formula powder;   Other: Investigational Infant Formula #1;   Other: Investigational Infant Formula #2;   Other: Human Milk
Sponsor: Abbott Nutrition
Funder Type: Industry
4 Active, not recruiting Effect of an Infant Formula on Infant Growth, Health and Immune Functions
Conditions: Health;   Growth;   Immune Functions
Interventions: Other: Infant formula supplemented with bovine milk Osteopontin;   Other: Standard infant formula
Sponsor/Collaborators: Biostime, Inc.;   Arla Foods Ingredients amba;   Children's Hospital of Fudan Univeristy;   University of California, Davis;   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Funder Type: Industry / Other
5 Active, not recruiting Infant Formula Supplemented With Probiotic Microorganisms and/or Prebiotic.
Condition: Focus on Healthy Infant Growth.
Intervention: Dietary Supplement: Infant Formula
Sponsor: Materna Laboratories
Funder Type: Industry
6 Recruiting Safety and Efficacy of an Infant Formula Supplemented With Galacto-oligosaccharides, Beta-palmitate and Acidified Milk
Condition: Formula Feeding of Healthy Full Term Infants
Interventions: Other: Infant formula with GOS, beta-palmitate, acidified milk;   Other: Standard infant formula without functional ingredients
Sponsor/Collaborators: Heinz Italia SpA;   Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo - Struttura Complessa di Neonatologia, Patologia Neonatale e Terapia Intensiva (Prof. Mauro Stronati);   Centro di Immunità e Nutrizione - Università degli Studi di Pavia (Prof.ssa Annamaria Castellazzi);   AAT (Advanced Analytical Technologies) (Dr. Elena Bessi/Sara Soldi)
Funder Type: Industry / Other
7 Completed Tolerance and Efficacy of Wondersun Infant Formula in Formula-fed Chinese Term Infants
Condition: Infant Nutrition
Interventions: Other: Infant formula;   Other: Breast feeding
Sponsor/Collaborators: Sun Yat-sen University;   Enzymotec
Funder Type: Other / Industry
8 Completed Growth and Tolerance of Young Infants Fed Infant Formulas
Condition: Infant Newborn
Interventions: Other: experimental infant formula with alternate protein source;   Other: Infant formula powder
Sponsor: Abbott Nutrition
Funder Type: Industry
9 Active, not recruiting The Effects on Growth and Tolerance of an Infant Formula Fed to Term Infants
Condition: Growth of Term Infants
Interventions: Other: An investigational infant formula containing a probiotic source;   Other: Control: Marketed routine infant formula
Sponsor: Mead Johnson Nutrition
Funder Type: Industry
10 Completed Study on the Effect of Inulin in Infant Formula on Gut Health
Condition: Healthy Infants
Intervention: Other: Powder based infant formula
Sponsor/Collaborators: PT. Sari Husada;   Danone Research
Funder Type: Industry
11 Completed Effects of Specific Lipid Fractions-enriched Infant Formulae
Condition: Infant Growth
Interventions: Other: Standard infant formula;   Other: Standard infant formula with PL1;   Other: Standard infant formula with PL2
Sponsor: Nestlé
Funder Type: Industry
12 Active, not recruiting Growth of Infants Fed an Extensively Hydrolyzed Infant Formula
Condition: Growth
Interventions: Other: Extensively hydrolyzed whey infant formula;   Other: Extensively hydrolyzed casein infant formula
Sponsor: Nestlé
Funder Type: Industry
13 Recruiting New Infant Formula Trial in Healthy Term Chinese Subjects on Growth, Body Composition, Tolerance and Safety
Condition: Healthy Infants
Intervention: Other: Standard infant formula/follow-on formula
Sponsor/Collaborators: Danone Asia Pacific Holdings Pte, Ltd.;   Danone Research
Funder Type: Industry
14 Completed Growth and Safety of a Low Lactose Milk-Based Infant Formula
Conditions: Growth;   Healthy Term Infants
Intervention: Other: Low Lactose Infant Formula
Sponsor: PBM Products
Funder Type: Industry
15 Completed Assessment of Arachidonic Acid Supplementation in Infant Formula on the Immune Response of Infants
Condition: Focus: Optimization of Arachidonic Acid for Infant Formula
Intervention: Dietary Supplement: Arachidonic acid
Sponsor/Collaborators: University of Alberta;   Mead Johnson Nutrition
Funder Type: Other / Industry
16 Completed Gastrointestinal Tolerance Study of a New Infant Formula
Condition: Healthy Infants
Intervention: Other: Infant Formula
Sponsor: Danone Asia Pacific Holdings Pte, Ltd.
Funder Type: Industry
17 Completed Extensively Hydrolyzed Formula: Hypoallergenicity
Condition: Food Hypersensitivity
Interventions: Other: Extensively hydrolyzed, whey protein infant formula;   Other: Extensively hydrolyzed, casein protein infant formula
Sponsor: Nestlé
Funder Type: Industry
18 Completed Tolerability and Safety of An Infant Formula
Condition: Milk Hypersensitivity
Intervention: Other: Nutramigen Lipil (Infant formula)
Sponsor: PBM Products
Funder Type: Industry
19 Active, not recruiting A Neurocognitive and Immunological Study of a New Formula for Healthy Infants
Condition: Infant Development
Interventions: Dietary Supplement: New infant formula;   Dietary Supplement: Standard infant formula
Sponsor: Laboratorios Ordesa
Funder Type: Industry
20 Completed Tolerance of Healthy Term Infants Fed Infant Formulas #4
Condition: Healthy Term Infants
Interventions: Other: Hydrolysate based infant formula;   Other: Investigational Infant Formula A;   Other: Investigational Infant Formula B
Sponsor: Abbott Nutrition
Funder Type: Industry

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