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The Immunogenicity and Safety of 60mcg/30mcg Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccines in People Who Failed to Respond to Routine Administration of Hepatitis B Vaccines
Condition: Hepatitis b
Interventions: Biological: 60mcg/1.0ml recombinant hepatitis B vaccine;   Biological: 30mcg/1.0ml recombinant hepatitis B vaccine;   Biological: 10mcg/1.0ml recombinant hepatitis B vaccine
2 Completed Pilot Study to Assess the Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Nabi 5% Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (Boca HBVIg) Used in Combination With Lamivudine for Patients With Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Associated Liver Disease Undergoing Liver Transplantation
Condition: Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Associated Liver Disease.
Intervention: Biological: Hepatitis B Immune Globulin (Boca HBVIg)
3 Completed
Has Results
The Hepatitis B Vaccine Booster Response Among the Youth Who Had Completed Neonatal Hepatitis B Vaccines
Condition: Hepatitis B
Intervention: Biological: hepatitis B vaccine
4 Completed Effect of Risk Factors Likely to Influence Immuno of Combined Hepatitis A & B Vacc vs Monovalent Hepatitis A & B Vacc
Conditions: Hepatitis B;   Hepatitis A
Interventions: Biological: TWINRIX™;   Biological: Engerix™-B;   Biological: HAVRIX™;   Biological: HB VAX PRO™;   Biological: Vaqta™
5 Completed Study of Evaluating Safety and Immunogenicity of 10µg/0.5ml Hepatitis B Vaccine
Condition: Hepatitis B
Interventions: Biological: 3 dose of 10µg/0.5ml hepatitis B vaccine;   Biological: 3 dose of 5µg/0.5ml hepatitis B vaccine
6 Completed A Study to Compare the Efficacy of Hepatitis A Vaccine and Immune Globulin When Given After Exposure to Hepatitis A
Condition: Hepatitis A
Intervention: Biological: Hepatitis A vaccine
7 Completed
Has Results
Concomitant Use of Hepatitis A Vaccine, Inactivated With Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Meningococcal Protein Conjugate) and Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Vaccine Adsorbed Given to Healthy Children 15 Months of Age (V251-068)
Condition: Hepatitis A Virus
Interventions: Biological: Comparator: VAQTA™;   Biological: Comparator: Infanrix™;   Biological: Comparator: PedvaxHIB™
8 Completed
Has Results
Concomitant Use of Hepatitis A Vaccine With Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella Vaccine and Pneumococcal 7-Valent Conjugate Vaccine in Healthy 12-Month-Old Children (V251-067)(COMPLETED)
Condition: Hepatitis A Virus
Interventions: Biological: Comparator: VAQTA™ (Hepatitis A vaccine);   Biological: Comparator: ProQuad™ (Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella vaccine);   Biological: Comparator: Prevnar™ (Pneumococcal 7-Valent Conjugate vaccine)
9 Completed
Has Results
A Study of 2 Doses of a Hepatitis B Vaccine (V232 RECOMBIVAX HB) in Healthy Infants
Condition: Hepatitis B
Interventions: Biological: Modified Process Hepatitis B Vaccine (Experimental);   Biological: Hepatitis B Vaccine (Recombinant);   Biological: Comparator: ENGERIX-B
10 Completed
Has Results
Long-Term Immune Persistence of GSK Biologicals' Combined Hepatitis A & B Vaccine Injected According to a 0,1,6 Month Schedule
Conditions: Hepatitis B;   Hepatitis A
Intervention: Biological: Twinrix™ adult
11 Unknown  Peginterferon Alfa-2a Plus Ribavirin for Chronic Hepatitis C/Hepatitis B Co-Infection and Chronic Hepatitis C
Conditions: Hepatitis B, Chronic;   Hepatitis C, Chronic
Intervention: Drug: Peginterferon Alfa-2a plus Ribavirin
12 Recruiting Randomized,Paralleled-group Clinical Trial of Hepatitis B Vaccine With Different Doses and Schedules in Healthy Adults
Condition: Hepatitis B
Intervention: Biological: Hepatitis B vaccine
13 Active, not recruiting Clinical Trial of Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine
Condition: Hepatitis E
Interventions: Biological: hepatitis E vaccine;   Biological: Hepatitis B vaccine
14 Active, not recruiting Efficacy and Safety of Hepatitis B Vaccine in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
Conditions: Chronic Kidney Disease;   Hepatitis B
Interventions: Biological: Sci-B-Vac Hepatitis B Vaccine;   Biological: Engerix B Hepatitis B Vaccine
15 Completed HIV and Hepatitis Care Coordination in Methadone Treatment
Conditions: Hepatitis, Viral, Human;   HIV Infections
Interventions: Behavioral: Testing, Education, & Counseling (TEC);   Behavioral: Hepatitis Care Coordination (HCC)
16 Completed
Has Results
Immune Response to Hepatitis B Vaccine Challenge Dose in Subjects Who Received a Primary Neonatal Hepatitis B Vaccine.
Condition: Hepatitis B
Intervention: Biological: Engerix™-B
17 Completed Hepatitis B Virus Reactivation After Withdrawal of Prophylactic Antiviral Therapy in Lymphoma Patients
Conditions: Hepatitis;   Hepatitis B;   Lymphoma;   Hematologic Diseases
18 Unknown  Adefovir Plus Vaccination in Transplant Patients Without Hepatitis B That Receive a Core Antibody Positive Liver
Conditions: Hepatitis B;   Liver Transplantation
Intervention: Drug: Adefovir dipivoxil and hepatitis B vaccination
19 Completed
Has Results
Study to Compare the Efficacy of GSK Biologicals' Adjuvants in Combination With the Antigen of the Hepatitis B Vaccine
Condition: Hepatitis B
Interventions: Biological: Engerix-B™;   Biological: Fendrix™;   Biological: GSK Biologicals' Hepatitis B vaccines (GSK223192A);   Biological: HBsAg (Booster injection)
20 Completed
Has Results
Persistence of Immunity Against Hepatitis B in 12-13 Year Old Adolescents After Infant Hepatitis B Vaccination
Condition: Hepatitis B
Intervention: Biological: Engerix™-B Kinder

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