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21 Recruiting Evaluation of Brain Damage Resulting From Carotid Endarterectomy With Xenon Anesthesia
Condition: Carotid Endarterectomy
Interventions: Drug: Anesthesia with Xenon;   Drug: Standard anesthesia
22 Unknown  Local Anaesthesia and Remifentanil Sedation Versus Total Intravenous Anaesthesia for Hysteroscopic Surgery in an Ambulatory Surgery Department.
Conditions: Conscious Sedation;   Remifentanil;   Hysteroscopic Surgery;   Anesthesia Recovery Period;   Ambulatory Surgery
Interventions: Other: local anaesthesia and remifentanil sedation;   Other: total intravenous anaesthesia
23 Not yet recruiting A Comparison of Propofol Based Total Intravenous Anesthesia and Desflurane Based Balanced Anesthesia on Renal Protection During Deceased Brain Dead Donor Kidney Transplantation - A Prospective, Randomized Trial
Condition: End Stage Renal Disease
Interventions: Drug: Desflurane balanced anesthesia;   Drug: Propofol total intravenous anesthesia
24 Recruiting The Influence of Body-mass Index on the Outcome of Spinal Anesthesia for Total Knee Replacement Arthroplasty
Conditions: Spinal Anesthesia;   Success or Failure of Spinal Anesthesia
Intervention: Drug: Spinal anesthesia (bupivacaine with or without fentanyl, epinephrine)
25 Recruiting Effects of Different Types of Anesthesia on Stress Response in Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Conditions: Diabetes;   Stress;   Anesthesia
Interventions: Other: different types of anesthesia;   Drug: Dexmedetomidine
26 Unknown  Combined Anesthesia for Laparoscopy Surgery in Gynecology
Condition: Pain
Intervention: Procedure: Spinal anesthesia with Fentanyl+ Morphine
27 Recruiting Local Anaesthesia vs Regional Block for Arteriovenous Fistulae
Condition: End Stage Renal Disease
Interventions: Procedure: Local Anaesthetic;   Procedure: Regional anaesthetic
28 Recruiting Volatile Anesthetics in Cardiac Protection
Condition: Anesthesia
Interventions: Drug: Sevoflurane (Volatile Anesthetic);   Drug: Total intravenous anesthesia
29 Not yet recruiting The BALANCED Anaesthesia Study
Condition: Effect of General Anesthetic Dose on Recovery From Surgery
Interventions: Procedure: Light general anaesthesia (BIS = 50);   Procedure: deep general anaesthesia (BIS = 35)
30 Recruiting Regional Anesthesia and Breast Cancer Recurrence
Condition: Breast Neoplasms
Intervention: Drug: Sevoflurane
31 Recruiting Effect of Anesthesia on Insulin Secretion in Patients With Preoperative Decreased Insulin Sensitivity
Condition: Colorectal Surgery
Intervention: Procedure: Anesthesia
32 Not yet recruiting Comparison of Intraosseous Anaesthesia Using a Computerized System (QuickSleeper) to Conventional Anesthesia
Conditions: Deep Caries;   Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation
Interventions: Procedure: intraosseous anaesthesia using a computerized system;   Procedure: conventional anasthesia
33 Not yet recruiting Anesthesia and Postoperative Cognitive Outcomes
Conditions: Delirium;   Cognitive Disorders
Intervention: Other: Anesthetic depth
34 Recruiting A Comparison of Propofol Based Total Intravenous Anesthesia and Sevoflurane Based Balanced Anesthesia on Renal Protection During Lung Transplantation Under Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation - A Prospective, Randomized Trial
Condition: Patients Undergoing Lung Transplantation Under Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
Interventions: Drug: Administration of anesthesia: Propofol;   Drug: Administration of anesthesia: Sevoflurane
35 Recruiting Assessment of Cognitive Function After Surgery in Two Types of Anesthesia in Patients Operated for Breast Cancer
Condition: Patients With Breast Cancer and Breast Surgery Requiring
Interventions: Other: hypnosedation;   Other: general anesthésia
36 Recruiting Anesthetic Technique for AV Fistulae Creation
Condition: End Stage Renal Failure on Dialysis
Interventions: Procedure: regional anesthesia;   Procedure: local anesthesia
37 Recruiting Comparison of Adequacy of Anesthesia Monitoring With Standard Clinical Practice During Routine General Anesthesia
Condition: Surgical Procedure, Unspecified
Interventions: Device: AoA Monitoring;   Device: Routine (Standard) Anesthesia Monitoring
38 Recruiting Postoperative Subtenons Anesthesia for Postoperative Pain in Pediatric Strabismus Surgery
Condition: Strabismus
Interventions: Drug: subtenons anesthetic - preservative-free bupivacaine 0.75%;   Drug: topical anesthetic - 0.5 cc of lidocaine 3.5% ophthalmic gel;   Drug: topical control - 0.5 cc of Hypromellose 0.3% gel;   Drug: subtenons control - 0.5 cc of Normal Saline
39 Recruiting Intravenous Sedation Versus General Anesthesia in Patients Undergoing Minor Gynecologic Surgery
Conditions: Surgery;   Anesthesia;   Pain
Interventions: Procedure: Endotracheal intubation;   Procedure: Deep Sedation;   Drug: Fentanyl (Sublimaze TM);   Drug: fluoromethyl hexafluoroisopropyl ether (Sevoflurane TM);   Drug: Succinylcholine (Suxamethonium chloride);   Drug: Rocuronium (Zemuron TM);   Drug: Propofol (Diprivan TM);   Drug: Ketamine
40 Recruiting Infrared Pupillometry During General Anesthesia to Predict Pain
Conditions: Postoperative Pain;   Sedation
Interventions: Device: Infrared Pupillometry;   Drug: Anesthesia Premedication, Induction and Maintenance

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