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1 Not yet recruiting Optical Defocus to Stimulate Eye Elongation in Hyperopia
Conditions: Hyperopia;   Refractive Error
Interventions: Device: Simultaneous Vision Bifocal Soft Contact Lenses;   Device: Single Vision Soft Contact Lenses
2 Recruiting Effectiveness of a Marketed One-Step Peroxide Lens Care Solution in Symptomatic Contact Lens Wearers
Condition: Refractive Error
Interventions: Device: Hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens cleaning & disinfecting solution;   Device: Biguanide-preserved contact lens MPS;   Device: Subject's habitual contact lenses
3 Recruiting Tear Film Stability of DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® Contact Lenses vs. MyDay® Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Condition: Refractive Error
Interventions: Device: Nelfilcon A contact lenses;   Device: Stenfilcon A contact lenses
4 Not yet recruiting Effect of Contact Lens With Alginic Acid in Dry Eye Patients
Condition: Dry Eyes
Interventions: Device: Contact Lens with alginic acid;   Device: Contact Lens without alginic acid
5 Recruiting A Comparative Study of Two Daily Disposable Contact Lenses in Higher Myopia Subjects
Conditions: Refractive Error;   Myopia
Interventions: Device: Delefilcon A contact lens;   Device: Narafilcon A contact lens;   Device: Spectacles
6 Not yet recruiting A Comparison Between Bandage Contact Lens, Punctal Plugs and Standard Measures in Preventing Corneal Injuries
Condition: Contact Lens and Punctal Plug in Preventing Corneal Injuries
Interventions: Device: contact lens;   Device: punctal plug
7 Unknown  Bandage Contact Lens and Oral Analgesics Versus Patching and Oral Analgesics for Pain Following Pterygium Surgery
Condition: Pterygium
Intervention: Procedure: Patch or bandage contact lens
8 Recruiting The Clinical and Subjective Performance of Three Different MPDS With Silicon Hydrogel Lenses
Condition: Adverse Reaction to Contact Lens Solution
Intervention: Device: Contact lens care solution
9 Recruiting Visual Assessment of DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® for Astigmatism as Compared to 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for Astigmatism
Condition: Astigmatism
Interventions: Device: Nelfilcon A toric contact lenses;   Device: Etafilcon A toric contact lenses
10 Recruiting DAILIES Total1® Lubricity Post Wear
Condition: Refractive Error
Intervention: Device: Delefilcon A contact lenses
11 Recruiting Clinical Evaluation of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Condition: Myopia
Interventions: Device: Filcon II 3;   Device: etafilcon A;   Device: nelfilcon A
12 Unknown  Two Phase Clinical Study of the Impact of Contact Lenses and Solutions on Corneal Structure
Condition: Normal Contact Lens Wear
Interventions: Drug: Clear Care;   Drug: ReNu MultiPlus MPS;   Drug: OPTI-FREE RepleniSH MPDS
13 Unknown  Evaluation of Corneal Staining With Various Contact Lens/Solution Combinations
Conditions: Corneal Epithelial Disruption;   Corneal Staining
Intervention: Device: Marketed contact lens care products
14 Recruiting Clinical Evaluation of Lapsed Contact Lens Wearers Who Are Re-fit Into Senofilcon A Contact Lenses (Phase 1)
Condition: Lapsed Contact Lens Wear
Interventions: Device: senofilcon A;   Device: senofilcon A for Astigmatism
15 Recruiting Clinical and Laboratory Evaluation of 3 Contact Lenses With 4 Contact Lens Solutions
Condition: Contact Lens Solutions
Interventions: Other: RevitaLens OcuTec;   Other: OptiFree PureMoist;   Other: Biotrue Multipurpose Solution;   Other: Clear Care
16 Recruiting Non-invasive Ocular Surface Measurements Before and After Interventions
Conditions: Dry Eye Syndromes;   Healthy;   Contact Lens
Interventions: Other: Patient-directed or physician-recommended interventions.;   Other: Environmental Chamber Condition Change Intervention;   Drug: Eye Drop Intervention;   Other: Contact Lens Intervention;   Other: Non-Interventional
17 Unknown  Orthokeratology for Keratoconus
Conditions: Orthokeratology;   Keratoconus
Intervention: Device: Orthokeratology contact lenses
18 Not yet recruiting Hyper-CL™ Lens (Hyper Osmotic Contact Lens) In Subjects Suffering From Corneal Edema
Condition: Corneal Edema
Interventions: Device: Hyper CL;   Drug: saline solution
19 Unknown  Characterization of the Edge of Soft Contact Lens and Its Interaction With Ocular Surface
Condition: Healthy
20 Recruiting Pseudomonal Type Three Secretion System and Contact Lens Associated Microbial Keratitis
Condition: Keratitis; Infectious Disease (Manifestation)

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