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Testosterone and Growth Hormone for Bone Loss in Men
Conditions: Hypopituitarism;   Hypogonadism;   Growth Hormone Deficiency
Interventions: Drug: Testosterone plus somatropin;   Drug: testosterone
22 Completed Oestrogen Withdrawal in Hypopituitary Women
Condition: Hypopituitarism
Intervention: Drug: oestrogen
23 Completed Comparison of Two Growth Hormone Dosing Methods in Adults With Growth Hormone Deficiency
Condition: Hypopituitarism
Intervention: Drug: Somatropin
24 Completed Growth Hormone and Endothelial Function in Children
Conditions: Growth Hormone Deficiency;   Panhypopituitarism;   Short Stature
Intervention: Drug: growth hormone
25 Completed VRS-317 in Adult Subjects With Growth Hormone Deficiency
Condition: Growth Hormone Deficiency
Intervention: Drug: VRS-317
26 Completed Hypopituitarism Following Traumatic Brain Injury or Spontaneous Subarachnoidal Haemorrhages
Conditions: Brain Injuries;   Intracranial Aneurysm
27 Completed A Study of Zomacton in Children With Growth Hormone Deficiency
Condition: Growth Hormone Deficiency
Interventions: Drug: Genotropin;   Drug: Zomacton
28 Completed First Human Dose Trial of NNC0195-0092 in Healthy Subjects
Conditions: Growth Hormone Disorder;   Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency;   Growth Hormone Deficiency in Children;   Healthy
Interventions: Drug: NNC0195-0092;   Drug: placebo
29 Recruiting Safety and Efficacy Phase 2 Study of Long-acting hGH (MOD-4023) in Growth Hormone Deficient Children
Condition: Pediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency
Interventions: Drug: MOD-4023;   Drug: Somatropin
30 Terminated Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency and Cardiovascular Risk
Condition: Growth Hormone Deficiency
Interventions: Procedure: Blood draws;   Drug: Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) and arginine;   Procedure: Carotid ultrasound;   Procedure: MRI;   Procedure: Endothelial cell biopsy
31 Enrolling by invitation Pharmacodynamics of CNP During Growth Hormone Treatment
Conditions: Pituitary Dwarfism;   Idiopathic Short Stature
32 Completed A Single Dose Trial in Growth Hormone Deficient Children Investigating Safety, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Long Acting Growth Hormone
Conditions: Growth Hormone Disorder;   Growth Hormone Deficiency in Children
Interventions: Drug: NNC126-0083;   Drug: somatropin
33 Completed Evaluation of Convenience and Compliance of the Easypod™ Electronic Self-injector
Conditions: Growth Hormone Deficiency;   Turner Syndrome;   Chronic Renal Failure;   Small for Gestational Age
34 Completed French National Registry of Adults With Growth Hormone Deficiency Treated With Somatropin
Conditions: Growth Hormone Disorder;   Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency
Intervention: Drug: somatropin
35 Completed
Has Results
Effectiveness of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone in Reducing Abdominal Fat in People Who Are Obese
Conditions: Abdominal Obesity;   Growth Hormone Deficiency
Interventions: Drug: Growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH) 1-44;   Drug: Placebo
36 Recruiting Safety, PK/PD and Efficacy of ACP-001 Weekly Versus Daily hGH in Children With Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)
Condition: Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD)
Interventions: Drug: ACP-001;   Drug: Human Growth Hormone
37 Completed Consequence of Lifetime Isolated Growth Hormone Deficiency
Condition: Growth Hormone Deficiency
Intervention: Drug: growth hormone administration for 6 months
38 Completed Sustained Release Formulation of Somatropin (rDNA Origin)for Injection
Condition: Growth Hormone Deficiency
Intervention: Drug: BPLG-003
39 Terminated Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk Markers in Growth Hormone Deficient Patients With Nonsecreting Pituitary Adenomas
Conditions: Growth Hormone Deficiency;   Pituitary Tumor
40 Terminated
Has Results
Treatment Of Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency After Traumatic Brain Injury
Conditions: Brain Injuries;   Growth Hormone Deficiency
Interventions: Drug: Genotropin;   Drug: Placebo

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