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prostate cancer prevention:   24 studies
cancer prevention prostate
cancer prostate prevention
prevention of prostate cancer
prevention prostate cancer
cancer prevention:   296 studies
prevention of cancer
prostate cancer:   2817 studies
cancer of prostate
cancer of the prostate
carcinoma of prostate
carcinoma of the prostate
carcinoma prostate
malignant neosplasm of the prostate
malignant prostatic tumor
neoplasia prostate
neoplasm of prostate
neoplasm of the prostate
prostate carcinoma
prostate neoplasms
prostate tumor
prostatic cancer
prostatic neoplasm
tumor of prostate
tumor of the prostate
prevention:   19985 studies
prevent procedure
preventive clinical trial
preventive intervention
preventive procedure
preventive treatment
prophylactic treatment
prostate:   3341 studies
cancer:   44548 studies
family history of malignant neoplasm
malignant neoplasms
malignant neoplastic disease
malignant tumor morphology
neoplastic growth