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Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
renal cancer e7080:   0 studies
renal cancer:   1261 studies
adenocarcinoma cells renal
adenocarcinoma kidneys
adenocarcinoma of kidney
adenocarcinoma of the kidney
adenocarcinoma renal
cancer cell renal
cancer of kidney
cancer of the kidney
carcinoma cell renal
carcinoma kidney
carcinoma of kidney
carcinoma renal
grawitz tumor
hypernephroid carcinomas
kidney adenocarcinoma
kidney cancer
kidney carcinoma
kidney neoplasm
kidney tumor
malignant kidney neoplasm
malignant kidney tumor
malignant neoplasm of kidney
malignant neosplasm of the kidney
malignant renal neoplasm
malignant renal tumors
malignant tumor of kidney
malignant tumor of the kidney
neoplasm of kidney
neoplasm of the kidney
nephroid carcinoma
renal adenocarcinoma
renal cancers
renal carcinoma
renal cell adenocarcinoma
renal cell cancer
renal cell carcinoma
renal malignant tumor
renal neoplasm
renal neoplasms malignant
renal tumor
tumor of kidney
tumor of the kidney
cancer:   44444 studies
family history of malignant neoplasm
malignant neoplasms
malignant neoplastic disease
malignant tumor morphology
neoplastic growth
renal:   11298 studies
e7080:   25 studies
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