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Found 23 studies with search of:   ARDS OR acute respiratory distress syndrome | Open Studies | NIH, U.S. Fed
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Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
ards:   323 studies
acute respiratory distress syndrome:   261 studies
adult respiratory distress syndrome:   31 studies
acute respiratory distress syndrome:   466 studies
a r d s
acquired respiratory distress syndrome
acute lung injury
adult rds
adult respiratory distress syndrome
adult respiratory stress syndrome
adult respiratory syndrome
congestive atelectasis
danang lung
human ards
increased-permeability pulmonary edema
non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema
pulmonary capillary leak syndrome
respiratory distress syndrome, adult
shock lung
stiff lung
vietnam lung
respiratory distress syndrome:   629 studies
cardiorespiratory distress syndrome of newborn
congenital alveolar dysplasia
distress respiratory syndromes
irds of newborn
newborn rds
pulmonary hypoperfusion syndrome of newborn
rds of newborn
respiratory distress newborn
respiratory distress of newborn
respiratory syndrome distress
surfactant deficiency syndrome neonatal
wet lung disease of newborn
acute respiratory distress:   276 studies
acute distress respiratory
distress syndrome:   641 studies
respiratory distress:   728 studies
distressed breathing
distressed respiration
distressed respiratory
acute respiratory:   585 studies
syndrome:   17265 studies
symptom clusters
distress:   2080 studies
respiratory:   18719 studies
acute:   14238 studies