30 studies found for:    (menopause OR postmenopause) [CONDITION ] ((hormone therapy) OR HRT) [TREATMENT ] | Open Studies
Found 30 studies with search of:   (menopause OR postmenopause) [CONDITION ] ((hormone therapy) OR HRT) [TREATMENT ] | Open Studies
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Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
hormone therapy:   592 studies
endocrine therapy
hormone treatment
therapy hormonal
postmenopause:   128 studies
menopause post
post-menopausal period
menopause:   519 studies
change life
change of life
life change
therapy:   64601 studies
disease management
therapeutic aspects
therapeutic interventions
therapeutic method
therapeutic proced
therapeutic procedure
therapeutic technique
hormone:   9686 studies
endocrine gland secretion
internal secretion
hrt:   149 studies
hormone replacements
menopausal hormone therapy