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Found 2674 studies with search of:   (heart disease OR heart attack) AND (stroke OR clot)
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Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
heart disease:   10746 studies
cardiac disease
cardiac disorder
disease cardiac
disease hearts
diseases of the heart
disorder heart
disorder of heart
heart disorder
morbus cordis
rndx cardiac
disease:   140001 studies
heart:   20888 studies
heart attack:   3008 studies
attack hearts
attacking heart
attacks coronary
cardiac infarct
cardiac infarction
coronary attack
heart infarction
infarction of heart
infarctions myocardial
myocardial infarct
myocardial infarction
myocardial necrosis
attack:   1883 studies
stroke:   4912 studies
cerebral infarction:   1430 studies
cerebrovascular accident:   350 studies
cerebral vascular accident:   25 studies
apoplexy:   12 studies
brain attack:   8 studies
brain vascular accident:   1 studies
anti fungals:   2789 studies
clot:   621 studies
secura:   7 studies
baza:   6 studies
brentan:   1 studies
canesten:   4 studies
daktarin:   1 studies
femcare:   2 studies
fungoid:   2 studies
lotrimin:   3 studies
micatin:   1 studies
miconazole:   50 studies
monistat:   1 studies
mycelex:   3 studies