149 studies found for:    (brain neoplasms) [CONDITION] AND child [AGE-GROUP] | Open Studies
Found 149 studies with search of:   (brain neoplasms) [CONDITION] AND child [AGE-GROUP] | Open Studies
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Recognized Terms and Synonyms:
brain neoplasms:   1147 studies
brain cancer
brain malignant tumors
brain tumor
cancer of brain
cancer of the brain
malignant neosplasm of the brain
neoplasm of brain
neoplasm of the brain
tumor of brain
tumor of the brain
neoplasms:   40772 studies
malignant neoplastic disease
neoplastic growth
brain:   11301 studies
suprasegmental levels of nervous system
suprasegmental structures
child:   37278 studies
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1 124i-8h9
A acoustic schwannoma
B brain neoplasms
brain stem glioma
brain tumor
childhood brain tumor
location of brain tumor
pediatric brain tumor
refractory brain tumor
C central nervous system neoplasms
central vein catheterisation
cerebellar tumors
childhood brain tumor
childhood choroid plexus tumor
childhood oligodendroglioma
childhood pilocytic astrocytoma
choroid plexus neoplasm
cns primitive neuroectodermal tumor
cns tumors
pediatric cns tumor
D diencephalon
E entire central nervous system
F factor xiii activity
fluorine f 18 fluorodopa
G gallium ga 68-edotreotide
brain stem glioma
gliomatosis cerebri
I imaging vascular
infratentorial tumor
L location of brain tumor
M medulloblastoma
recurrent childhood medulloblastoma
meningeal melanocytoma
monoclonal antibody 8h9
N neuroepithelial tumors
nongerminomatous germ cell tumor
P pallister-hall syndrome
pediatric brain tumor
pediatric cns tumor
pilomyxoid astrocytoma
recurrent childhood pineoblastoma
untreated childhood pineoblastoma
pituitary adenoma predisposition
pleomorphic xanthoastrocytoma
posterior fossa syndrome
R recurrent childhood medulloblastoma
recurrent childhood pineoblastoma
refractory brain tumor
S site of lesion
T t/n
tethered spinal cord
U untreated childhood pineoblastoma