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islet cell transplantation:   92 studies
cell islet transplants
cell transplantation islet
islands of langerhans transplantation
islands of pancreas transplantation
islet cell transplant
islet transplantation
islets of langerhans transplantation
islets pancreatic transplantation
transplantation of islet cells
transplantation of islets of langerhans
transplantation:   5592 studies
islet cell:   126 studies
cell islets
endocrine pancreas
endocrine pancreas cell
endocrine pancreatic structure
insulae pancreaticae
islands langerhans
islands of langerhans
islet langerhans
islet pancreatic
islets of langerhans
islets of langerhans cell
langerhans islands
langerhans islets
pancreas endocrine
pancreatic insula
pancreatic islets
pars endocrina pancreatis
islet:   215 studies
cell:   15254 studies
carboxyl-ester lipase-like
cell gene
cell phones
cell type
cellular phones
cellular telephones